If it's time to tidy up and streamline your photo and video collection and you need the structure of simple lessons and supportive resources...


Hi, I'm Kris.

I've been helping my students and clients enjoy, protect and share their photo collections for over two decades.

Through rapidly evolving digital technologies, the need for help managing memories grew faster than photo lovers could keep up with.

My heart was burdened, wanting to help more families than I could with my 1:1 services.

This is why I wrote two online courses; to empower photo lovers to learn how to manage and protect their own memories, with a proven system, at their own pace.

This bundle gives you both courses, which delivers systems, resources & support, delivered in digestible pieces, to lead you to success and confidence with your digital memories.

Begin with Building Photo Legacies (instant access given after check-out) and once that's complete, you'll be primed and ready for the re-opening of Digital Peace.

Happy Reminiscing :)

<3, Kris

Limited Time Presale Bundle

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

There are no refunds offered with this bundle.

When will I get access to both courses?

Upon purchasing this bundle, you will receive a welcome email inviting you to begin Building Photo Legacies.

Digital Peace will open on 9/1/23 and you will have an email inviting you to log in at that time.

Why will only one course be available at first?

These courses were designed to lead you through processes that will set you up for maximum success.

Skipping portions of these programs will likely result in quick fixes without lasting success. (Please trust the process- it's designed to be easy.)

Your success with Digital Peace is greater for students who complete Building Photo Legacies FIRST.

Is there private coaching included?

No. Contact your instructor [email protected]

to inquire about coaching.

Are there live sessions?

There will be monthly live zoom sessions for welcome support and general Q&A.

Does this include cloud account support?

NO. These courses do not replace account support for your devices or cloud services.