A message from Kris

Kris's "WHY"

"I'm a legacy maker; A curator of family memories. I digitize, manage, back up my clients' photo memories. I do this work mainly so folks can enjoy DOING THINGS with their photos; Treasuring albums, beautiful photo décor all for the purpose of sharing moments between loved ones. That lights me up!"

Ideal "Digital Peace" students love their photos and captured memories and want to enjoy them with ease, overcoming digital frustrations that have collected over the years of changing technology. They are willing to learn and establish new systems to bring lasting ease and simplicity. 

Before this course, you may be full of overwhelm and frustration, wondering how we can make finding and sharing your best memories easy and simple. The Digital Peace course will walk you through a proven system that will streamline your memories, protect them and make them easy to find and share, while ultimately replacing negative feelings with relief, confidence and a new appreciation of how having your digital memories can be fun and enriching.

Give yourself the gift of RELIEF

If you are troubled by any of the following, then this is for you:

You believe in the value of your photo/video memories

Digital memories trapped in many devices

You take photos on your phone and are not sure they're backed up

You know what you're looking for but it's hard to find

You wish old and new memories could be stored together

You are not sure where to start... or....

You are determined to tackle this yourself but just need a plan and some support

You are excited to find a better way to enjoy and share your photo and video memories.

Simplified System

You'll have a workbook, video instruction and modules at your disposal 24/7.

Your instructor is a human

Plain (low-tech) English spoken, and we will demystify words for anyone not sure.

Bonus Live Event

Go at your pace, and bring a friend along. It's more fun when you learn with a friend... They'll thank you!

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